Virginia restaurant denies service to conservative group over views on abortion, marriage

Virginia restaurant denies service to conservative group over views on abortion, marriage

A Virginia restaurant refused to serve a Christian conservative group over its views on abortion and traditional marriage.

The Family Foundation will hold an event Wednesday, November 30 at Metzger Bar and Butchery. The restaurant later learned of the group's political and religious views, and canceled their event about an hour and a half before it was scheduled to begin.

The statement last week was referred to by FOX Business when reached for comment Tuesday evening.

Metzger Bar and Butchery has always prided itself on being an inclusive environment for people to dine in, according to a statement posted on Twitter last week. In eight years of service, we have very rarely refused service to anyone who wanted to dine with us. The restaurant said it refused service to the Family Foundation after the owners found out it was a group of donors to a political organization that seeks to deprive women and LGBTQ persons of their basic human rights in Virginia. The restaurant said that many of its staff are women and/or members of the LGBTQ community, and that we have always refused service to anyone for making our staff uncomfortable or unsafe. The restaurant said that they respect their staff's established rights as humans and strive to create a work environment where they can do their jobs with dignity, comfort and safety.

The Family Foundation said that the restaurant's actions reflect people who consider themselves progressive yet try to recreate an environment from the 1950 s and early 60 s when people were denied food service due to race. Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb said the organization is continuing to explore our options of action while we encourage customers to dine where owners don't have a political or religious litmus test. The organization is accusing Yelp of running interference for Metzer s by shutting down people's ability to post a review, while Google is perfectly fine to let negative reviews stack up against our organization. Bigotry by the left is aided and abetted by big tech and Americans know it, Cobb said.

A notice on the Yelp page says the business is being monitored by the Yelp Support team for an unusual activity alert. The notice reads that this business recently received public attention, which means people come to this page to post their views on the news.