FatBrain is revolutionizing SMEs with big data

FatBrain is revolutionizing SMEs with big data

Protecting and increasing cash flow is one of the main concerns of a company. There are so many companies that don't have the resources to evaluate where they have unnecessary losses and how to improve their cash flow. Small and medium-sized enterprises are also known as SMEs.

Around 90% of the world's businesses are made of SMEs and about half of their employment. The U.S. SMEs make up 44% of the U.S. economic activity and produce the bulk of GDP output.

SMEs are crucial to the economy but that doesn't mean they always have the necessary support to excel in the growing technological world. AI and big data could revolutionize the workforce. These technologies are able to increase efficiency and diversify revenue streams. Large enterprises like Microsoft MSFT, IBM IBM, and Nvidia NVDA and government agencies are often using these technologies.

FatBrain AI LZG International, Inc. LZGI FatBrain is looking to change this status quo. FatBrain markets itself as AI for Everyone and caters to SMEs. The company wants to simplify decision-making for SMEs by giving them the power to harness big data and AI to grow and expand their businesses.

FatBrain believes that SMEs don't have the manpower or capital to come up with plausible solutions for their business because there is too much data and too many variables to contend with. AI comes into play, and this is where it comes into play. AI allows businesses to make effective changes to growth and efficiency without depleting their resources.

One product the company offers is its FX Transaction Offering. FatBrain FX Fair Value Report FVR reviews foreign exchange FX transactions and performs possible savings calculations. According to the International Monetary Fund, banks charge up to 25 x more in transaction costs than the market FX rate. This affects the bottom line of SMEs that engage in global commerce.

FatBrain is an expert in foreign exchange and international payment services, the company has helped companies find the most competitive rates of exchange, along with recommending hedging strategies.

FatBrain uses cutting-edge AI for in-depth analysis of a company's historical transactions to identify FX cycles. FatBrain provides expert coaching and advice to anticipate currency dynamics and match the company's purchase cycles to unlock FX transaction savings. This makes a world of difference for SMEs.

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