Families of deadly football stampede victims sue officials

Families of deadly football stampede victims sue officials

JAKARTA: Seven Indonesian families whose relatives died in one of the worst stadium disasters in football history are suing officials they consider responsible, their lawyer said on Friday. The stampede in the Javan city of Malang in October left 135 dead, including more than 40 children.

According to a preliminary investigation, the excessive use of tear gas by the police has been blamed for the excessive use of tear gas.

The civil suit targets eight parties, including Indonesia's football association, the national police, league organiser PT Liga Indonesia Baru, and owners of Malang's football club Arema FC.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo is also listed as a co-defendant.

Imam Hidayat, a lawyer representing the families, said they were demanding accountability and compensation.

The livelihoods of the families of those who died or were heavily injured have to be looked at, Hidayat told AFP.

They need compensation, even though lives can't be exchanged with money. He said that around 62 billion rupiah US $3.9 million is being sought in damages.