Konjic, a city of gold, connects Bosnia and Herzegovina

Konjic, a city of gold, connects Bosnia and Herzegovina

Konjic, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is beautiful. It connects our homeland into one. One of the points where Bosnia connects with Herzegovina is the old stone bridge on the Neretva River in Konjic.

The city combines the two halves into one. Konjic is the proud father of a famous travel writer, cartoonist and painter, Zulfikar Zuko Dzumhur. We will always be proud of him.

In Konjic there is also a Varda ka mosque with its minaret from which we can hear the voice of the muezzin five times a day. The Orthodox Church of Saint Vasilije took Suleiman, Salko and Sreto over a year to build. Konjic has a Catholic church, and the bell has been ringing since 1919. Everyone here has a place where they can pray and worship their God.

It is a city of gold with a strong spirit and a steel heart. It's always been a safe city, if not the safest. The Bunker ARK, intended for Marshal Titos safety, was built here.

Konjic was first mentioned in written documents in 1382, and there is even a myth about the city's name.

There used to be a small village where the Bora ko lake is found today. One night, an old man came dressed as a beggar with supernatural powers, who knew that the village would be flooded that night. He went from house to house, begging for food and a warm fireplace. The homeowners did not show empathy for him and chased him away. Only one old woman, whose house was one of the most ruinous in the village, gave him refuge and shared her last piece of bread with him.

The old woman worked in trade, and the job did not go well. She did exactly as he told her. That same night she started the journey with her exhausted horse. When the horse stopped, the old woman cried out: Come on, my little horse Konjice moj Then she remembered the words of the old man, stopped and started trading, to her great surprise, it went perfectly.

Konjic, a trading place and transit point for anyone whose going from the north to the southern parts and vice versa got its name, that is how Konjic got its name. Konjic is also a heaven for travelers, it is a green oasis where they can enjoy the sound of the Neretva River and its green color that is permanently tied to this city.

I love Konjic very much. It doesn't matter whether you are a resident of a city or not, you have to love it, honor and care for it. BiH is a big family, all of our cities are brothers and sisters, and they have to be loved.