Bali flight diverted to Bali due to a mix-up

Bali flight diverted to Bali due to a mix-up

A Jetstar plane bound for Bali made a U-turn and headed back to Melbourne on December 28 morning because of a miscommunication in the deployment of a larger aircraft.

A spokesman for Jetstar told Yahoo News Australia that we switched to a larger Boeing 787 aircraft from Melbourne to Bali service yesterday to carry more customers during the holidays.

It said that the swap to a larger aircraft had not been approved by the local regulators in Indonesia due to a miscommunication.

Flight tracker Flightradar 24 said flight JQ 35, a Boeing 787- 8 Dreamliner, was due to depart Tullamarine Airport at 6.15 pm on Tuesday, but was delayed for almost five hours.

After finally taking off, the plane was just 34 minutes away from Bali's Denpasar airport when it had to turn back.

Bennji 95 posted pictures of the flight route from inside the plane, along with a scathing review: Thank you JetstarAirways for the worst travel experience of your life.