Japan issues information on where people should be evacuated

Japan issues information on where people should be evacuated

A J-Alert warning is issued in areas across Japan, which is a common question asked by the Mainichi Shimbun.

This is concerning because of the continuous firing of missiles by North Korea. What should I do if a J-Alert warning goes off?

Answer: J-Alert is an early warning system operated by the Japanese government to send information in the event of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other emergencies, to residents through outdoor speakers and mobile phones. The warning is issued in areas that are in danger when a missile is launched. When the alarm goes off, the government calls for people to evacuate to temporary shelters for emergencies designated by prefectural governments, as well as sturdy buildings, and stay away from glass windows.

What kind of places are temporary shelters?

A solid structure that can resist strong blasts is designated as a shelter for public facilities, underground shopping centers, railway stations, and other underground establishments. The number of shelters has gone up by around 2,500 in the past four years. In Tokyo alone, 1,086 structures were added as shelters since the beginning of 2022.

How do I find out the shelters near me?

After a J-Alert warning was issued on October 4, when a ballistic missile flew over Japan, many people said they did not know where they should take shelter. A list and maps of shelters, including many elementary and middle schools, are shown on the Cabinet Secretariat's Civil Protection Portal site. The central government is going to promote shelter information and cooperate with local governments moving forward.

Q: In October, there were areas where warnings were issued after the missile had already flown over them. What is the best way to evacuate after a warning is issued?

A: The government wants people who are outside and away from shelters to take cover behind anything that might offer protection, or lie flat on the ground and shield their head. It's important to learn in advance about how to protect your body in the event of an emergency.