Stuart Varney slams liberal culture for entitlement mentality

Stuart Varney slams liberal culture for entitlement mentality

During his My Take, Thursday, the host of Varney Co. Stuart Varney torched the liberal culture for its entitlement mentality by allowing rent to go unpaid and enacting its student loan handout program.

STUART VARNEY: You don't have to pay rent in Los Angeles. The eviction moratorium was extended for a couple of months by the LA board of supervisors. If you don't pay your rent, you can't be evicted.

Entitlement is everywhere these days. In New York City, activists are telling people they are entitled to a luxury hotel room. They are protesting their transfer to a facility in Brooklyn. The program was put in place by the president. The education department says they are working hard to give students the relief they are entitled to. We hear a lot about quiet quitting, where you don't do your best, you just slide by. Or the shoplifting surge. The guy who walks out of the store with a bag of food is not the smash and grab, that's just plain criminal. It's the left that started this. The rise of socialism in the last few years coincides with the rise of entitlement mentality.

It won't be reversed until you pay off your loans, pay the rent and quit whining.