China to host World Digital Education Conference on Feb 13 and 14

China to host World Digital Education Conference on Feb 13 and 14

PHOTO AFP The World Digital Education Conference will be held in Beijing on February 13 and 14th. The two-day event, called Digital Transformation and Future of Education, is co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO.

She said that the conference would be held online and offline and attended by state leaders and education ministers, diplomatic envoys, heads and representatives of UN agencies, heads and representatives of international organizations, universities and schools, and representatives of digital and technology companies.

The opening ceremony and plenary session will be held on February 13, followed by 4 parallel sessions on February 14, with the focus on basic education, vocational education, higher education and evaluation of smart education development.

The initiative of establishing World Digital Education Alliance, China Smart Education Bluebook, China Smart Education Development Index, the Standards and Norms for the Construction of China Smart Education and the China Smart Education Bluebook will be released at the event.

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She said around 800 representatives from 130 countries and regions are expected to attend the conference, with 300 of them attending the offline event in Beijing.