FBiH Railways posts 1.2 million BAM in 2022

FBiH Railways posts 1.2 million BAM in 2022

It was stated that the company's total revenues in 2022 was 127.9 million BAM and total expenses were 126.7 million BAM. The net profit was 1.2 million BAM.

The operating profit before expenses for interest, income tax and depreciation EBITDA in 2022 was 29.7 million BAM.

FBiH Railways General Director Enis D afi said that the net profit and operating profit reached in 2022 is above all thanks to the workers and proof of the good business policy of the company.

We restored the pride of a railway worker and answered all business tasks at the same time. The increase in income from goods traffic, passenger traffic and the provision of services on the railway and locomotive and wagon rental are the main factors that contribute to the rise in the company's income, said D afi He.

In 2022, FBiH Railways transported 8,053, 533 tons of goods, which is 49,134 tons more than in 2021, when 8,004, 419 tons of goods were transported.

In passenger traffic, the FBiH Railways transported 360,456 passengers in 2022, an increase of 170,123 passengers compared to 2021, when the FBiH Railways transported 190,333 passengers.

The total revenues from goods traffic amount to 89.9 million BAM and are higher by 19.8 percent compared to 2021.

Revenues from passenger traffic amount to 2.1 million BAM and are higher by 94 percent compared to 2021, Fena writes.