Transport operators to train staff with disabilities

Transport operators to train staff with disabilities

It is just one module in a larger program to create a culture of care among bus drivers.

SBS Transit has a Travel Buddy program where trained staff accompany commuters with disabilities.

Ms ChiaChia Ai Ling of SG Enable, said training is important because there is an etiquette in giving assistance that people may forget in their eagerness to help.

"We may be doing something that may not be quite acceptable to the persons with disabilities or maybe they don't need the help in the way that is being offered," said the director of communications and community engagement.

She said the best way of doing this is to just ask the person, you know, what kind of assistance do you need and how can I help you.

SG Enable said that it wanted to equip people with disabilities to be more confident in interacting with people with disabilities and to increase their awareness and understanding.

SBS Transit said more can be done to improve existing infrastructure at bus stops and train stations.

The LTA Land Transport Authority will be working with the LTA to see how infrastructure can be improved in order to enable people with disabilities to travel within interchanges, within stations, said Mr Sim.

We're working with vendors to implement and leverage technological solutions. Wayfinding is a solution that can help people who are visually impaired navigate their surroundings.

SG Enable has a long-standing partnership with SBS Transit and is looking to train staff from other public transport operators, Ms Chia said. She said that they could include co-developing curriculum with them.

Ms Chia said that public transport operators are aware of accessibility needs and that progress has been made these days. She gave an example of Tower Transit, which works with SG Enable and its partners whenever it has a new bus interchange.