Garuda Aerospace, Ninjacart team up to revolutionize agriculture sector

Garuda Aerospace, Ninjacart team up to revolutionize agriculture sector

Homegrown drone manufacturer Garuda Aerospace has partnered with Flipkart-backed agri-commerce start-up Ninjacart to bring disruptive tech innovation to India's agriculture sector.

Both companies will be able to offer short-term financing options to farmers through a strategic tie-up, allowing them to access the latest drone technology at affordable prices. The use of drones in farm lands can not only improve crop yields for farmers, but it can also increase input costs and increase farm-level efficiency.

In addition to the technology, Garuda and Ninjacart will also provide training and business opportunities for rural entrepreneurs in India s villages. The individuals will be educated on how to operate drones and be part of pilots. The rural youth can earn anywhere between 50,000 and 1 per month through these opportunities, according to both start-ups.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, said that this partnership will not only help farmers improve their yields and reduce costs, but it will also provide young entrepreneurs with skills and business opportunities. We believe that this collaboration will help in developing an everlasting impact on the agricultural sector in India. Ninjacart, Co-founder and CEO of Kartheeswaran KK, said that we believe in leveraging technology to make agriculture more efficient and profitable for farmers. The use of drones in agriculture will help in soil analysis, water management, and precision agriculture. Garuda Aerospace currently has a fleet of 400 made-in India drones and a team of over 500 pilots in 84 cities in India. Ninjacart works with over one lakh farmers in 150 villages to improve their yield and income. Since 2020, Flipkart and Walmart have pumped in $175 million into Ninjacart, even as it went from B 2 C to a B 2 B model.