Borjana Krito speaks to EU commander of EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Borjana Krito speaks to EU commander of EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Borjana Krito, the Chair of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, spoke to the Commander of EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Major General Helmut Habermayer, about cooperation between the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and EUFOR in the coming period.

Kri informed Habermayer about the work priorities of the BiH Council of Ministers. She pointed out that the euro-atlantic integration of BiH requires a lot of compromise and political consensus from all three nations. The focus of the work will be to reach an agreement on all the key issues of the process.

The interlocutors assessed today s decision of the Council of Ministers of BiH on adopting the Draft Budget of the Institutions of BiH and international obligations of BiH for 2023 as positive, and the adoption of appropriate decisions to increase the salaries of employees in the institutions of BiH, including soldiers, as well as the adoption of appropriate decisions, according to the Council of Ministers of BiH.

Kri expressed her satisfaction with the cooperation of local authorities at all levels and EUFOR and expressed the expectation that this trend will continue. She emphasized the importance of EUFOR's cooperation with the local population through various forms of support to local communities, which gives EUFOR's visibility and recognition.

She thanked EUFOR for the ongoing support they provide to the authorities in BiH in maintaining a safe and stable environment, as well as the support to the Armed Forces of BiH in adopting NATO standards.