Israel's coalition steps up legal reform push

Israel's coalition steps up legal reform push

Israel s far-right governing coalition stepped up its efforts to enact the first part of its contentious judicial overhaul despite a plea from the country's defense minister to delay the bill because the turmoil caused by the plan had threatened the country's national security.

In the chaotic scenes in Parliament, lawmakers raced to finalize the text of a proposed law that the coalition hopes to present for a final vote early this week. The measure would give the government more control over the selection of Supreme Court judges.

The government leaders were trying to make sure they had enough votes in Parliament to pass the law. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due to meet coalition leaders on Sunday afternoon after at least two coalition members backed the call by the defense minister Yoav Gallant to halt the process. If a third followed suit, the government could lose its majority.

If enacted, the law would be the first step in a plan to limit judicial influence that has divided Israeli society, caused mass protests and caused unease among investors, the Jewish diaspora and the Biden administration.