TAK Sarajevo to take over Pobjeda Tehnology

TAK Sarajevo to take over Pobjeda Tehnology

The TAK Sarajevo company wants to take over the large domestic ammunition manufacturer Pobjeda Tehnology Gorazde PTG, reports BiznisInfo.ba.

TAK has a minority group of shares of about 27 percent. This company expressed their intention and will announce an offer to take over the majority of 72.5 percent of the shares, making it the sole owner of this well-known company.

The owner of TAK is Hamid Prses.

PTG had total revenues of 61 million BAM last year, which ranks it as one of the leaders in the dedicated industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH.

The stake in PTG was acquired by TAK at the end of last year. The shares of the company Grasso Holding from the United States U.S. sold about 50 percent of the shares in a deal worth about 10 million BAM.

The market value of the PTG share is around 302 BAM, and Grasso Holding sold its shares at the exchange rate.

If that price is maintained, it turns out that TAK would have to pay another 14.5 million BAM for the full takeover of the Gorazde company, on the condition that all shareholders accept its offer, Biznis Info reports.