United Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Houston after takeoff

United Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Houston after takeoff

A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Houston after it suffered a mechanical issue shortly after takeoff.

Flight 129, which left the Bush Intercontinental Airport around 9 p.m. Tuesday night for Rio de Janeiro, ended up returning to the airport around two hours later, according to data from the website FlightAware.

A statement from United Airlines to The Associated Press said the plane changed course due to a mechanical issue, but did not elaborate.

The Houston Fire Department and the United Airlines did not respond to requests for comment from FOX Business on Wednesday.

The airline told the AP that the plane landed safely in Houston and that it made arrangements for passengers on board to get to their destination.

Earlier this month, a Leominster, Massachusetts man was arrested on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston after allegedly trying to open an emergency exit door and stab a flight attendant in the neck.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Francisco Severo Torres, 33, was charged with interference and attempted interference with crew members using a dangerous weapon.

Torres was a passenger on board a United Airlines flight between L.A. and Boston on March 5. During the final 45 minutes of the flight, crew members were alerted that a door between the first class and coach sections of the aircraft was disarmed.

A flight attendant reported that he believed Torres had tampered with the door after seeing him near it moments before.

When a flight attendant asked Torres about the door, he asked if cameras could prove he had tampered with the door.

A little while later, Torres allegedly got out of his seat, approached two flight attendants standing in the aisle and thrust one of them in a stabbing motion with a broken metal spoon, striking the flight attendant on the neck three times.

Passengers on board the flight tackled Torres, and he was restrained until the plane landed, when he was taken into custody.

Tuesday s incident involving the Houston-Rio De Janeiro flight occurred less than a week after the Federal Aviation Administration issued a safety alert for airlines and pilots following a series of near-miss incidents at American airports in recent months.