Bosnian minister discusses road, rail connections with Serbia

Bosnian minister discusses road, rail connections with Serbia

The Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH is on an official visit to the Republic of Serbia, where he discussed the strengthening of transport, as well as road and rail connections, which will strengthen relations between the two countries and help in the development of the region.

Forto expressed satisfaction that specific matters were discussed and that future joint projects were announced.

It is important that the flow of people and goods be improved, as it is important for the development of the two countries, and that the railway corridor from Banja Luka through Doboj and Tuzla to Zvornik and further into Serbia. It is important to improve the border crossings on which Serbia is already working, especially the one towards Bijeljina, said Forto.

Vesic said three high speed roads and a highway connecting BiH and Serbia are currently under construction.

The first is Sremska Raca Kuzmin, as part of the Belgrade Sarajevo highway, the second is the high-speed road Ruma Sabac Loznica, which will have a connection with BiH and a branch to Badovinci, and the Pozega Kotroman road, which will provide a connection to Visegrad. Vesic stressed that there will be four border crossings on high speed roads and highways.

Such cooperation gives weight to the projects, as the interlocutors agreed to present a joint project to the European partners.