Trump to give remarks in Florida after New York arraignment

Trump to give remarks in Florida after New York arraignment

The former President Donald Trump will give remarks in Florida on Tuesday night, April 4 after his scheduled arraignment in New York on charges related to hush money payments.

After returning from Manhattan, he is expected to make a speech at his Mar-a-Lago club, where he is expected to turn himself in.

Two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press that Trump, a 2024 presidential candidate, faces multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony offence, in the indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury last week. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss information that is not yet public.

A grand jury investigation into hush money paid during the 2016 presidential campaign to sabotage allegations of an extramarital sexual encounter came to a conclusion by Trump. The indictment itself was sealed, as is standard in New York before an arraignment.

Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said he would pore over the indictment once he gets it, and devise the next legal steps. He said that he would not ask for a venue change or file a motion to dismiss a venue change, although it is common for defence attorneys to do both.

He told ABC s This Week that we are way too early to start deciding what motions we are going to file or not file, and we do need to see the indictment and get to work. This is the beginning. The former president was expected to fly to New York on Monday and stay at his Trump Tower in Manhattan overnight ahead of his planned arraignment Tuesday, according to two people familiar with his plans who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss Trump's travel.

He is expected to report to the courthouse early Tuesday morning, where he will have a mug shot and fingerprinted. If a person has outstanding criminal charges or warrants, investigators will complete his arrest paperwork and check to see if he has any outstanding criminal charges or warrants.

After the booking is complete, Trump will appear before a judge for an afternoon arraignment. That will take place in the same Manhattan courtroom where his company was tried and convicted of tax fraud in December and where disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's rape trial took place.

Security officials from the New York Police Department and the Secret Service toured the courthouse on Friday and talked about security plans.