Body of US man found in Mexico burial pit

Body of US man found in Mexico burial pit

MEXICO CITY - The body of a U.S. man who vanished Feb. 11 has been found in a clandestine burial pit on Mexico's Baja California peninsula, prosecutors said Wednesday.

State prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa said a local man and his sister had been arrested in connection with the murder, which he said was a result of a dispute over a traffic accident.

Wilmer Trivett's body was found by a specially trained dog near the quiet Pacific coast town of Todos Santos.

Trivett had been camping in the area in his camper truck, which was found burned Feb. 23.

Prosecutors said that Trivett was apparently involved in a traffic accident with the two suspects some time ago.

De la Rosa said that Trivett paid the two about $2,500 for damages or injuries, but he alleged that the pair decided it wasn't enough and later abducted and killed him.

The two suspects are facing homicide charges. Their full names were not given, in accordance with Mexican law.

Trivett's age was listed as 80, but did not provide a hometown.