Elon Musk scoffs SpaceX rocket launch

Elon Musk scoffs SpaceX rocket launch

Elon Musk steamed up with SpaceX on Monday to scrub the first test flight for its Starship spacecraft, the world s biggest and most powerful rocket from its Starbase in Texas.

SpaceX said in a statement that its first-stage pressurization issue prevented the 394-foot rocket from firing, but were still able to count down to T-minus 10 seconds as part of a wet dress rehearsal.

A pressurant valve appears to be frozen, so unless it starts operating soon, no launch today, Musk, SpaceX CEO, wrote on Twitter.

SpaceX said it had to wait for at least 48 hours before launching the rocket.

SpaceX is aiming to send the spacecraft to Hawaii, from the southern tip of Texas to the southern tip of Texas.

The first stage will be destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico and the spacecraft into the Pacific. No landings will be attempted for this debut.

The Starship will be the first production of a full-size Starship, made of shiny stainless steel and powered by methane-fueled engines.

Musk wants to send people to the moon and Mars through Starships. Spacecraft manufacturer NASA has already agreed to send astronauts to the moon as early as 2025.