LRT plans to become an icon of Batam, says senior official

LRT plans to become an icon of Batam, says senior official

In a statement, Mr Rudi said that the LRT system is needed to accommodate the growing population of Batam, especially since more workers and visitors are expected in the post-pandemic period.

The only public transportation we have is buses. The 1.2 million people living in Batam are currently enough to live. But we have to think about the future, he said.

The population of Batam is currently 1.24 million, up from 1.22 million last year. He added that the growth of private vehicles is faster than the expansion of the city's population.

He said five capsule-shaped LRT cars would be combined for a single trip. There can be 20 people in one LRT car, with 10 people seated and 10 people standing. The vehicles will be suspended at a height of around 9 m.

I think it's a unique design that's like no other LRT. Because it's unique, this can become an icon of Batam, he said.

Rudi also said that four companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and Indonesia are working on potential design proposals. Although they are the ones proposeing this, we will still hold a bidding process expected to start in November, he said.

CNA said the first phase of the project will be 11 km long with 16 stations planned.

We want to start with a line connecting the airport and the Batam City Centre in July, we plan to start the construction of Terminal 2 of the Hang Nadim International Airport.

He said that the project for phase 1 is valued at US $110 million.

In addition, Rudi said that phase 2 will encircle the city centre and phase 3 will link the city centre to Batu Ampar, Batam's industrial area. However, no timetable has been set yet for a timeline to be established.