Illegal drivers are taking over marijuana delivery in Illinois

Illegal drivers are taking over marijuana delivery in Illinois

Illegal drivers are taking over and no one seems to care, according to licensed marijuana delivery services in Illinois.

Despite strict regulations requiring licensed transporters to use vehicles equipped with cameras, GPS and no rear windows or markings, non-compliant individuals reportedly conduct illicit drop-offs in minivans and other unauthorized vehicles.

CBS News Chicago said more than a dozen licensed transporters have filed a lawsuit challenging the Illinois Department of Agriculture, accusing the state of not controlling the movement of marijuana effectively.

With no enforcement, the transporters are afraid they will be forced out of business, as growers and dispensaries have little incentive to hire licensed transporters.

The evidence presented in the suit shows photos that allegedly demonstrate the eradication of marijuana transportation laws.

Licensed weed delivery services are bleeding money as they wait for the state to take action and ensure a level playing field.

So we have to do all these steps - and for us to come up zero, Brown said. I can't pay the licensing fee yearly to make zero sales. We're doing all this stuff to be compliant, Berwyn Thompkins, ACC Transportation's chief executive, said. We are bleeding money trying to make ends meet, he said. The legal transporters aren't optimistic they'll get the help they need despite their legal obligations.

You basically have the market undercut - and the transporters who are compliant just really don't have any, Holz said.

The Department of Agriculture declined to comment on the matter, citing pending lawsuits.