Kenya to host annual conference on consumer welfare

Kenya to host annual conference on consumer welfare

The Competition Authority of Kenya CAK, which successfully bid to host the conference, said the selection of Kenya's selection symbolises the milestones achieved in promoting consumer welfare in recent years.

We look forward to sharing our experience in promoting consumer protection both nationally and regionally as we work towards common solutions with leaders in attendance, said CAK's acting director-general Dr Adano Wario.

Consumers International, a London-based charity, is bringing together governments, international agencies, businesses and civil society to tackle pressing issues impacting consumers worldwide. The event is held every four years.

The forum, which will take place on December 6 to 8, seeks answers to crucial questions as the world grapples with a variety of disasters, such as rising consumer prices, climate change hazards, and consumer vulnerableness in the face of rapid digitization.

The most important challenges threatening people and the planet are facing global leaders with a limited window of opportunity. Over the past years, we have seen that breakthrough solutions will be reliant on consumers, Leurent said.

Previous editions of the Congress have been held in Portugal 2003, Australia 2007, Hong Kong 2011, Brazil 2015 and Portugal 2019.