Thousands protest death of pedestrian in Sarajevo

Thousands protest death of pedestrian in Sarajevo

Thousands of people gathered in Sarajevo's Marijin Dvor neighborhood to protest the death of a pedestrian with a car the night before last, after a man killed a pedestrian and injured two others.

Citizens laid flowers and paid tribute to the victim girl and sent support to her family.

The gathering is organized by a group of psychology students who seven years ago created the Facebook page You allow this for Edita and Selma after the traffic accident in which the students Selma Agi and Edita Malko were killed.

The streets of Sarajevo are not safe and the existing legal regulations are not sufficient.

The organizers emphasized that the institutions must take responsibility and provide solutions.

It's too late for this to happen, but that doesn't mean we will accept the current situation. With this gathering, we wish to send a message to the family of Azra Spahi, saying we stand in solidarity with them in their loss and the loss of all the citizens of this city. They said they were working with the community to find a way to improve the situation.

Armin Berberovi, the driver of the car, died in the accident and the driver of the car, Azra Spahi, did not have a driver's license and was driving over the limit and under the influence of alcohol.

Prosecutor's office proposed a one-month detention for Armin Berberovi, who is alleged to be in a serious crime against the safety of public transport.

Detention has been proposed because of the danger that the suspect could repeat the crime if he was at liberty and because of the danger that the public might be disturbed if the suspect was at liberty.

A meeting of the government of Sarajevo Canton was held today, and stricter measures were announced with the aim of increasing traffic safety.