SpiceJet partners with FTAI Aviation for CFM56 revitalisation programme

SpiceJet partners with FTAI Aviation for CFM56 revitalisation programme

The Indian airline SpiceJet on Thursday announced a partnership with aerospace engine service supplier FTAI Aviation Ltd. for a CFM 56 revitalisation programme. The service provider will provide SpiceJet with 20 engines for lease, including maintenance services.

The partnership provides SpiceJet with access to a pipeline of high-quality engines, as well as reducing the airline's maintenance expenses, the airline said in a press release. It will also reduce aircraft downtime and enhance the airline's performance.

The first batch of engines acquired by SpiceJet will support SpiceJet's reactivation of its aircraft fleet over the next 2 - 3 months. The batch of flights will also be vital for services on the airline's new routes.

FTAI Aviation will handle the engines, enabling SpiceJet to have enough space and time to allocate resources in strengthening their offered travel experience and improving operations.

SpiceJet is looking to push low-cost travel and the airline industry forward in India, with the partnership and the CFM 56 revitalisation programme.

Ajay Singh, the chairman and Managing Director of SpiceJet, expressed satisfaction with the new venture and said that it was a sign of progress towards the airline's objectives. He expressed great confidence in the new company, praising their expertise in engine management and maintenance that would allow SpiceJet to function without worry.

SpiceJet is slowly but surely progressing towards its goal of restoring its fleet and ensuring that our aircraft stay where they rightly belong to i.e. in the skies serving our passengers, Singh said.

Our relationship with FTAI Aviation is a direct step in that direction that would ensure our fleet is up and running at any time without our concerns about engines or their maintenance. Quick and ready replacements will ensure that our planes are on the ground for minimal time, he said.