PP-DB invites Bulgaria's GERB to talks

PP-DB invites Bulgaria's GERB to talks

We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria PP-DB invited GERB to talks, insisting that tomorrow the leader of the party, Boyko Borissov, together with the leaders of the coalition, sign the Mechanism for guaranteeing the reform program of the cabinet, said PP Co-President Kiril Petkov.

PP-DB decided to confirm the cabinet declaration of Denkov-Gabriel, placing seven guarantees to continue their joint governance with GERB.

General board for the appointment of the regulators

Compliance with the already approved general legislative program;

Vazrazhdane Party's general position on the legality of the referendum was instituted by the Vazrazhdane party.

If these guarantees don't work, PP-DB will demand the resignation of the cabinet.

A reformist government is necessary for Bulgaria, but it cannot be done at the cost of captured regulators. Bulgarians need peace, but also real reforms, not an imitation of such, said Kiril Petkov, a spokesman for the Bulgarian government.

Earlier today, the PP-DB deputies boycotted the plenary session with the accusation that GERB is preparing to replace the regulators with a hidden majority, which includes MRF and Vazrazhdane.

GERB said on Saturday they will hold a national working meeting in Veliko Tarnovo with the participation of their municipality mayors, MPs and regional coordinators and then they will announce their decision regarding the questions raised by PP-DB.