US Coast Guard investigating Titanic submersible

US Coast Guard investigating Titanic submersible

The US Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the submersible that killed all five people on board when diving to the historic wreck of the Titanic, Canada's Transportation Safety Board said on Sunday.

My primary goal is to prevent a similar occurrence by making the necessary recommendations to enhance the safety of the maritime domain worldwide, said Captain Jason Neubauer, the Coast Guard's chief investigator.

The Coast Guard opened what it calls a Marine Board investigation on Friday, and is working with the FBI to recover evidence, including a salvage operation at the debris site on the seabed about 488 m from the bow of the Titanic wreck.

The results will be shared with the International Maritime Organization and other groups to enhance the safety framework for submersible operations worldwide, Mr. Neubauer said.

The Coast Guard is in contact with the families of the five people killed and said investigators are taking all precautions on site if we are to encounter any human remains Canada, which helped in the search for the submersible.

The Titan's cargo vessel towed the Titan out to sea last weekend but lost contact with it about an hour and 45 minutes after the submersible launched into the ocean depths.

The implosion ended a multinational search-and-rescue operation that had captured the world's interest since the tourist craft went missing.