About 90% Boeing 737 MAX fleet has resumed commercial operations

About 90% Boeing 737 MAX fleet has resumed commercial operations

About 90% of its China 737 MAX fleet has resumed commercial operation, according to the airline's press release.

BEIJING Reuters - About 90% of Boeing's China-based 737 MAX fleet have resumed commercial operations as of the end of June, the company said on its official WeChat account.

Sherry Carbary, the president of Boeing China, said some planes have been dispatched to regional international routes.

China has suspended its entire Boeing 737 MAX fleet following an air crash of one 737 MAX jet operated by Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019, the second fatal incident of the model in five months.

According to official information, Chinese carriers had all 96 jets they had at the time.

By the end of June, almost 90% of China's 737 MAX fleet had resumed commercial operations, with some of the aircraft placed on regional international routes connecting domestic cities to a number of destinations in Central Asia and Southeast Asia, Carbary said.

China Southern Airlines, China's state-owned carrier, was the first to resume the flight of the 737 MAX in January, following its nearly four years of detachment.

China Airlines then has been gradually reintroducing the model back to operation and Boeing said in April that half of the country's MAX fleet was in operation.