Honeywell to buy Saab ADR's heads-up display HUDs

Honeywell to buy Saab ADR's heads-up display HUDs

Honeywell International Inc. HON has agreed to acquire Saab ADR's SAABY heads-up display HUD assets for use in a number of its avionics offerings. The deal terms were not disclosed.

Honeywell will work with Saab to expand and enhance its HUD product line as part of the agreement.

HUD technology will be embedded with Honeywell Anthem and Primus Epic flight decks to enhance safety solutions.

HUDs aim to make it as simple as possible for pilots to see and understand their vital flight or mission details.

The addition of HUDs as part of our wider avionics offerings will provide our customers in business aircraft, air transport and defense sector a great safety tool that can be particularly useful during takeoff and landing, which are typically the most crucial parts of any flight, said Vipul Gupta, vice president and general manager of Avionics.

HON shares are down by 0.01% to $203.32 on the last trading Wednesday.