Migrants attack bus driver in Mostar, knife attack

Migrants attack bus driver in Mostar, knife attack

In Mostar yesterday, two migrants attacked a bus driver and injured him with a knife.

As said in the press release of the Ministry of the Interior of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton MUP HNK the attack took place on April 18, at the bus stop on Trg I. Krndelja.

On the spot, police officers found a bus driver, S.B. He had a visible injury on his right leg in 1974. He added that two migrants entered the bus and when he told them to get off the bus, one of them took out a wallet from his pocket and injured him in the leg area. The MUP announced that they were running away in the direction of M. Balorde Street.

Police officers identified people matching the depiction of the attackers in the mosque courtyard. In 1993, a folding knife was found.

The duo was detained and will be subject to criminal investigation, and the prosecutor has been informed about everything.