Banja Luka Airport faces lawsuit from BHDCA

Banja Luka Airport faces lawsuit from BHDCA

Banja Luka Airport has a lawsuit from the Directorate for Civil Aviation BHDCA because it didn't submit data on the number of passengers, which is why BHDCA could not collect a 1.50 euro fee from carriers.

Banja Luka thinks it is wrong for BHDCA to transfer this obligation to airports, since it is their fee and they could have charged it directly from the airlines.

Furthermore, BHDCA has modalities to dispute the right of airlines to land in BiH if they don't pay this fee, and can also condition them in that way, which airports don't have.

Banja Luka is currently in a court case where the BHDCA will likely win and they are not sure who will pay this significant amount of money. The airport informed the carrier that it is very realistic that they will have to pay this amount. And that can only mean a reaction by the LCC, reduction of routes or even the departure of the carriers from Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH that can t be good at all, Zamaaero said.

Natalia Trivic, director of Banja Luka airport, launched an initiative to keep this fee of 1.50 euros for legacy carriers, but to reduce it to 0.50 euros for LCCs low-cost companies, which she believes LCCs would accept.

We can see that Ryanair left Tuzla for those 1.50 euros, and that for the same amount, Ryanair and Wizz Air significantly reduced the number of flights from Podgorica.

Banja Luka's initiative is therefore realistic and BHDCA should accept it. It is supposed it s not in their interest for LCCs to withdraw and so they don t charge a single cent of this tax, Zamaaero said.