Bus crashes in Algeria killing 34

Bus crashes in Algeria killing 34

This image taken by a UGC video taken and posted on the Facebook page of Abidine Badion on July 19, 2023 shows a passenger bus bursting into flames after it collided head-on with a commercial vehicle, killing more than 30 people near Tamanrasset in Algeria's southern desert. A deadly road accident early Wednesday in Algeria's southern province of Tamanrasset killed 34 people, with 12 others injured, the local civil protection department said.

A bus collided with a pick-up, resulting in an explosion and fire. Ambulances and rescue teams rushed to the scene and transported the injured to nearby hospitals for further treatment.

More than 90 percent of traffic accidents inAlgérie result from human error, particularly driver negligence, according to the Algerian National Center for Prevention and Road Safety. The poor condition of roads and cars and environmental factors are other causes of road accidents.