Polish firefighters to arrive in Greece to fight forest fires

Polish firefighters to arrive in Greece to fight forest fires

More than 150 Polish firefighters are expected to arrive in Greece in a bid to extinguish forest fires.

The summer heat has caused wildfires to the south and west of Athens, which have resulted from high temperatures that dried bushes and pine forests.

As many as 149 firefighters and 49 vehicles set off from Krakow on Wednesday and will start their mission in Greece on Friday.

A request for rescue assistance, in the form of the so-called GFFFV modules modules for extinguishing forest fires from the ground using vehicles, has been received in connection with forest fires in Greece.

On Tuesday evening, the Greek government accepted the offer of help from Polish firefighters specialising in wildfires. Polish firefighter brigades have participated in a variety of forest firefighting operations in Greece.

The U.S. military is expected to last for two weeks, depending on developments.

The forests south and west of Athens have been engulfed in flames, officials said. The coastal towns of Lagonisi, Saronida, and Anavyssos, about 15 km south of the Greek capital, have been evacuated. The fire brigade reported that it took just two hours to race a distance of 12 km, as strong winds are making the situation even more difficult.