China invites scientists to work on space station

China invites scientists to work on space station

This simulated image captured on Nov.12, 2022 at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center shows China's cargo spacecraft Tianzhou 5 conducting a fast automated rendezvous and docking with the combination of the space station Tiangong. The CMSA's application system for space science projects in China's space station is now open to scientists and engineers, according to China Manned Space Agency CMSA. PHOTO XINHUA BEIJING The CMSA will solicit projects covering space science and human research, physics in microgravity, space astronomy and Earth science, as well as new space technologies and applications.

China welcomes all UN member nations to use its space station, which has access to the International Space Station.

The CMSA says that China's space station is also a national space laboratory. It is loaded with scientific experiment cabinets, technological test cabinets, and supporting systems inside its modules.

The space station also has exposure experiment platforms, standard payload interfaces, and large payload hanging points outside the modules to support scientific research, technological experiments and applications in various fields.