Traffic on roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina increasing

Traffic on roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina increasing

In most roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there has been an increase in vehicle traffic. Tonight we expect longer lines of vehicles on the Mostar-Sarajevo road, so we ask drivers to drive with maximum caution and to maintain the distance between vehicles. Truck drivers are asked to turn off the traffic for a short time when they notice a long line of vehicles behind them, in order to avoid risky overtaking, the press release said.

Due to the Rehabilitation work on the Gorica bridge, the left tube of the A - 1 Zenica-Sarajevo highway section has been closed to traffic, and vehicles travel in both directions through the right tunnel tube.

Traffic is slower in the day due to works on the main roads: Biha - Kamenica, Stup - Bla uj, Kiseljak - Busova a, Travnik -Vitez, Ripa - Dubovsko, at the entrance of Bugojno from Rostov as well as at the entrance to Had i e.

Due to the subsidence of the road at the entrance to Vinac from Donji Vakuf M - 5 16 Donji Vakuf - Jajce direction only one lane is in operation and the speed is limited to 20 km h.

On the Ljubinje-Trebinje M- 6 regional road, traffic was stopped and redirected to alternative routes.

Due to rehabilitation works, the bridge at the entrance to Nemila junction M - 17 with R - 473 is closed and vehicles are driving through Top i Polje intersection.

At the border crossings: Iza i Hum, Deleu a, Zupci and Gradi ka, the traffic of passenger vehicles at the entrance to our country has increased, and at the Bosanski Brod crossing, at the entrance to our country, while at the border crossing Donja Gradina, the frequency of vehicles has increased in both directions. Traffic of passenger vehicles is occasionally increased at other border crossings, but delays are not longer than 30 minutes for now.

Croatia: Increased traffic towards the sea and certain border crossings.

The Croatian Auto Club HAK, which advises drivers to adjust their speed and driving style to road conditions, said traffic has increased on the roads in the direction of the sea and inland, approaches to tourist centers, ferry port and piers, and certain border crossings.

On the A 1 Zagreb-Plo e-Karamati i highway, the driving is slow in a moving column, particularly in the tunnels, junctions and rest areas between the Bosiljevo II junction and the Lu ko toll in the direction of Zagreb.

Before the Luko toll booth in both directions, the queues are about a kilometer, and before the Demerja toll booth in the direction of Zagreb, about three kilometers.

For about two kilometers, there is a column of freight vehicles in front of the Bajakovo border crossing.

There is a queue of about a kilometre before the Gori toll booth in the direction of Hungary.

Between the intersections of Kri i e and mrik in the direction of the Kr ko bridge, the line is about a kilometer, so it's recommended to use the Hreljin intersection towards Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski.

A traffic lane near Ratac, near Slano Dubrovnik-Neretva County, is being used due to the fire.