Flood warnings issued after Doksuri hits China's Fujian

Flood warnings issued after Doksuri hits China's Fujian

With gusts of up to 175 kph, Doksuri has smashed into Fujian province on Friday morning, according to China's meteorological services.

Anticipating floods, Beijing has issued an orange warning, the second-highest in the four-tier system.

Several of the city's parks, lakes and riverside roads have been closed out of precaution on Saturday, the city's municipal authorities announced.

They warned that the downpour could prompt even worse floods than in July 2012, when 79 people died and tens of thousands were evacuated.

Heavy showers were reported in the capital on Sunday and are expected to last through Tuesday.

Neighbouring Hebei province, which is experiencing torrential rain and gusty wind, has issued the highest level of warning in some areas.

The weather service warned that there could be up to 60 inches of rainfall in the region.

According to the government, residents of Fujian's capital, Fuzhou, must not leave their homes unless necessary.

The coastal province of Shandong and the megacity Tianjin also experienced the deluge.