Germany may block key investments in Poland

Germany may block key investments in Poland

Germany may try to block key strategic investments in Poland, a deputy foreign minister has said.

Pawel Jablonski made the claim on Monday in a recording published on X formally known as Twitter.

In the recording he said that there were indications from Germany that there will be attempts to block investments important for Poland in the upcoming weeks. Jablonski said that work on improving navigation on the River Odra, the expansion of the port in Swinoujscie, the development of the Central Communication Port and Poland's nuclear power projects are all vulnerable to interference.

They will be blocked by various so-called ecologists, activists campaigning under the lofty slogans of environmental protection, and you will hear it in the media, he said, adding that it's not really about any kind of ecology, it's not about the environment - it's about hard business. Germany was determined to achieve a change in government in Poland to stall the projects, Jablonski said.

They will do everything to change the government that has implemented these investments, he said, adding that Berlin wanted a government that withdraws from the investments and will no longer compete with Germany. The Polish elections are to be held in autumn, with elections in a general election next year.