V Line passengers stuck on train for 3 hours

V Line passengers stuck on train for 3 hours

A 68-year-old woman has vowed to write to the Victorian transport minister almost every day to express her anger about being stuck on a regional train for almost three hours.

About 100 passengers on the 1: 23 PM V line service from Melbourne to Bairnsdale yesterday were stuck on the train between Flinders Street and Richmond stations and were not allowed to alight.

The V Line crews were able to move the train at about 10:50 p.m.

The second delay after a trespasser on the tracks meant the train was 30 minutes late arriving from Melbourne's Southern Cross station.

The train was scheduled to arrive in Traralgon at 3:49 PM and Bairnsdale at 5:20 PM.

From Traralgon, passengers were told one of the reasons for the lengthy delay was because the train had lost its window to access Richmond station.

The Pakenham line of Melbourne and V Line's Gippsland line, which connects to Traralgon and Bairnsdale, share the same tracks, so any delays have ripple effects throughout the network.

The delay affected later services, with two Gippsland trains cancelled later in the afternoon and several replacement buses organised to transport passengers.

She said delays were common on the Gippsland line and she often had to cancel appointments or meetings because of delays and cancellations.

The state's most recent statistics, published in June, revealed that V Line services to Traralgon had the worst punctuality in the state, with just 79 percent of trains arriving on time.

In the same period, 90.5 percent of Bairnsdale trains were punctual.

Matt Carrick, the chief executive of V Line, apologised to passengers on the train and said the investigation into what happened was ongoing, but a brake issue caused the delay.

Carrick said the problem was the breakdown rather than access to the station.

At Richmond station, half of the train was detached to allow the service to continue its journey.

Carrick said passengers could apply for a refund if they were convicted of making a mistake on a train.