DAL extends flight schedule to China

DAL extends flight schedule to China

DAL is extending its flight schedule to China, with daily flights to Shanghai-Pudong International Airport PVG from its Seattle SEA and Detroit DTW hubs beginning October 29.

Delta said it will resume its four-times-weekly PVG service from its Los Angeles hub next March, a route last used in February 2020.

As demand continues to increase and the busy travel season to the Asia-Pacific region commences, the Delta team is ready to welcome even more visitors to the region this winter, giving our award-winning customer service on every journey, Mr. Moomaw said.

In January, American Airlines will begin daily operations from Dallas-Fort Worth to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Reuters reported.

The report said that the United States and China would consent twice the number of passenger flights currently allowed for air carriers to fly between the two countries.

DAL shares are up by 0.30% to $42.80, or about 0.2 percent, on Thursday, a gain of about 0.0 percent.