India to launch another lunar lander on the Moon

India to launch another lunar lander on the Moon

India is launching yet another Lunar voyage. A year after the partial failure of Chandrayaan II, the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO is aiming to make another bold attempt at a lunar landing on the south pole of the moon. The Chandrayaan - 3 mission, currently orbiting the Moon, will begin a meticulously calculated descent towards the Moon in the upcoming hours.

The 15 minutes of terror, known as the fifteen minutes of terror, gained popularity during the Chandrayaan 2 mission's first failed attempt. This phrase accurately describes the intricate structure of the mission's final stage. The Chandrayaan - 2 stumbled during this phase, as the Vikram lander encountered difficulties transitioning from horizontal to vertical orientation. The crash happened just a few kilometres away from its intended landing point, as it entered the fine braking phase.

As the Chandrayaan-3 lander approaches the crucial juncture today, on August 23, it will embark on a pivotal technical manoeuvre. The manoeuvre involves transitioning the craft from a high-speed horizontal orientation to a vertical descent, facilitating a gentle landing on the moon.

Under ISRO's plans, the module will undergo internal checks and remain stationed at the designated landing site until sunrise. The mission, which aims to ensure a soft landing on the Moon's terrain, is scheduled for 5:45 PM on Wednesday.

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Vikram, accompanied by Pragyaan rover, will initiate a series of experiments encompassing analysis of Moon surface composition and soil properties, documenting heat retention in the polar regions of the Moon, investigation into seismic activity surrounding the landing area, and measuring Earth's proximity from the Moon's South Pole.

Vikram and Pragyaan's mission will span 14 daysthe length of available sunlight near the Moon's post-landingafter which their power is projected to wane. Besides the Chandrayaan - 3 mothership, the Chandrayaan - 3 mothership will remain in lunar orbit, conducting experiments designed to study Earth from this unique vantage point.

The culmination of these diverse experiments is anticipated to enhance our comprehension of the Moon's potential to facilitate future human exploration of its surface and valuable resources.

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