Travelers' frustration over lost money

Travelers' frustration over lost money

In April I asked the Co-operative Bank to transfer the money to a bank account in Palestine. This was money collected from our local group, Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine, and was to help pay for the costs of a language laboratory set up in the city of Tubas.

My personal account had been transferred to the project manager's own bank account. Since transfers to Palestine can be longer than one would normally expect, I did not worry too much when the money didn't arrive within two weeks.

After three weeks, it became clear that there was a problem. After many calls to the bank, and despite taking this up with the Co-op Bank chief executive's office, the money still couldn't be found.

In June, in order to allow the project to progress as planned, I used my own funds to send a similar amount from my NatWest account, which went through without a problem within a few days.

Since then, he has been battling to get the money back. As requested, I have sent Co-op Bank a copy of the recipient's bank statements, which show no such credit.

The bank appears to be trying to blame me for giving it the wrong bank account number, but this is completely wrong.

The money appears to me to be with the intermediary bank that Co-op Bank used, but I am getting nowhere. I have spent a lot of time trying to solve this. What is the problem with international money transfer?

We've received several similar letters in recent years about several banks, and they all seem to follow the same pattern: the money doesn't arrive and appears to disappear into a black hole and no one at the sending bank appears willing or able to get it back.

This case even had the familiar claim by the bank that the customer must have given them the wrong account details, something you are sure is not the case.

After taking up my complaint, the Co-operative Bank finally managed to recall the lost funds, and it has now refunded you the money. You're frustrated that it took our intervention, but very pleased to be reunited with your cash.

For future payments, I would strongly encourage you to use one of the specialist international payment firms.

I use Wise and rate its service, but there are several others that are proven. It will not only be more transparent and faster, but also be cheaper than using a high street bank.

What are the good news about travel?

I think I would redress the balance of the balance a little, because you appear to receive so many complaints about travel companies that I thought I would redress the balance a little.

I had planned a recent trip to visit the Northwest Passage and the Arctic with Exodus Travels and Quark Expeditions. We were told that we would be late because of weather conditions in the Arctic and we were told that we would be late for two days.

However, on the third day, there were serious forest fires in Yellowknife that would have prevented plane landings, so the trip had to be abandoned.

We were offered a very generous compensation, and returning flights were rebooked.

My trip was rebooked for next year within two working days, and the refund and generous compensation were in my current account. Amidst the sea of travel complaints that we have received in recent weeks, this lonely letter of praise arrived.

I was almost starting to despair of the travel industry, reading endless letters of complaint does that to a man - so it's good to hear of a reader having a good experience.

So a big well done to Exodus Travels and Quark Expeditions.

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