RockX and Matrixport team up to transform the staking landscape

RockX and Matrixport team up to transform the staking landscape

RockX, a leading name in institutional-grade staking solutions in Asia, has teamed up with Matrixport's Cactus Custody, Matrixport's esteemed institutional custodian brand, to transform the landscape of crypto staking.

The collaboration aims to make crypto staking more secure and accessible to mainstream financial institutions, with a focus on regulatory compliance and heightened security.

institutions have not lost sight of the allure of staking to secure stable yields. It's not without its obstacles, however. The scope of cybersecurity is widening, from regulatory hurdles to the ever-present token-slashing risks. Its robust security measures are designed to alleviate these institutional apprehensions.

This increasing interest highlights the vast potential of digital assets in generating yields.

RockX: Powerhouses in their own right & Cactus Custody.

With an impressive SOC-2 certification and licenses from regulatory bodies in Switzerland and Hong Kong, it currently safeguards billions in digital assets spanning over 30 blockchains for a clientele of more than 300 institutions. RockX, meanwhile, provides staking services for more than 20 pivotal tokens and has recently celebrated a whopping $1 billion in total staked assets.

The integration of RockX and Cactus Custody is more than just a partner, it's a game-changer for institutional staking. With a simple one-click solution, they offer a simple one-click solution by simplifying the frequently intricate non-custodial staking process. This boosts trust in the ecosystem and prepares the way for a more inclusive digital asset landscape.

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