Google Cloud will be used as a validatedator for Polygon

Google Cloud will be used as a validatedator for Polygon

The Polygon MATIC/USD team took to X to announce Alphabet Inc.'s GOOGLGOOG Google Cloud will now be a part of the decentralized validator set for the Polygon Proof-of-Stake Network.

The network boasts more than 100 validators besides Google Cloud, which will safeguard the chain and guarantee data availability.

The same infrastructure used to power YouTube and Gmail will be used for securing its own network, Polygon said. Google Cloud has just over $5,300 worth of MATIC on the Polygon staking dashboard.

In a few months, T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, also became a validator of Polygon, indicating that the latter attracts the interest of large tech firms.

Google's association with polygon is likely to have implications for the latter's predicted switch from a PoS chain to a validium, which is like zero-knowledge proofs.

How do they store data is different. Validiums are liable to rely on off-chain storage solutions instead of storing data on Ethereum. This reduces the clogging of the blockchain and improves its efficiency.

By early 2024 the transition to a zkEVM validium is expected, according to Polygon Labs.

In June 2023, Polygon admitted the need for off-chain storage as a decentralization trade-off. Due to the security of validiums, validiums do not benefit from Ethereum's security because only the proofs are stored on-chain, rather than the underlying data.

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