C creditor seeks official receiver for Mumias Sugar

C creditor seeks official receiver for Mumias Sugar

A creditor who filed an insolvency petition against Mumias Sugar Company wants the official receiver appointed the administrator of the troubled miller.

Jackline Kimeto said in a written application before the High Court that the official receiver should complete the administration process as directed by the court.

The lawyer who is demanding Sh76 million from Mumias Sugar said that Harveen Gadhoke, who had been picked to be the administrator for a year, declined the appointment after allegedly being picked by police officers.

In the application, Kimeto said she believed the proposal was based on a detailed analysis of the evidence that came to light.

The application will be mentioned on October 4 for directions by Justice Josephine Mong'are.

The lawyer also wants KCB-led receiver manager PVR Rao compelled to file a complete and comprehensive report of all activities and financial accounts he undertook since November 2021.

Kimeto had filed a notice to withdraw the petition but changed her mind yesterday, saying she filed the notice under duress and coercion.

Kimeto said she was confident that the move would be successful, and she had confidence in the company's chairmanship.

Although the debt has never been settled even after filing the notice for withdrawal, she said, the plan to settle the debt was a product of blackmail by state agents.