JHL walks out to protest against government policies

JHL walks out to protest against government policies

JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine explained that the move was a response to the government's plans to institute employment reforms that could make it easier to terminate contracts and increase the likelihood of fixed-term employment relationships. In a speech on Friday, Niemi-Laine criticized the government for not heeding the demands of the workforce.

The walkout is part of a series of protest demonstrations organized by JHL in protest against the government's policies. The union has expressed its readiness to negotiate openly on a range of career-oriented changes in working life. But unions allege that the government is imposing changes without consulting, causing them to take stronger measures.

The pay gap will never be lifted by nurses, registered nurses, and elderly care professionals. This is unfair and makes no sense, he added, emphasizing the impact on crucial sectors like social welfare and healthcare where labor shortages are already critical.

While the inconvenience may cause inconvenience to travelers, JHL ensures that their actions are legal political demonstrations. The union has said that if the government does not change its policies, similar protests are likely to continue in the future. Travelers are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly to avoid possible delays during the specific timeframe.