TMC counters Centre's claims on central aid

TMC counters Centre's claims on central aid

On Monday, West Bengal ruling Trinamool Congress countered claims of Union Minister Giriraj Singh that the central assistance to various schemes to the state increased during the NDA-led government, saying that increasing funding over a period of 10 years is not charity but a necessity considering the changes in demography, economy and rising cost of living.

The TMC said Giriraj Singh should get his facts straight before attacking the government of West Bengal and undermining the struggles of lakhs of deprived rural poor.

Although the state government is in compliance, they refuse to release funds worth Rs. 6907 Cr.

Giriraj's claims that the centre has not withheld funds and called it 'completely baseless' has been dismissed by the ruling party of Mamata Banerjee.

Singh said during a press conference at his private library in Patna.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana government, only Rs 4400 crore was spent during the UPA government, while the Modi government gave Rs 30000 crore to Bengal.

Today, under the NRLM, the bank linkage of Didis of West Bengal is worth about Rs 74 lakh crores, whereas during the time of UPA, it was only Rs 600 crores.

As the BKP is demanding a probe into the alleged scam in the MGNREGA scheme, TMC said that the BJP is grasping at straws because it cannot look the people in the eye and justify their vendetta politics.

The TMC said that re grasping at straws, scared out of their wits.

The TMC protested against the alleged denial of MGNREGA and other housing scheme funds by the central government to the state.

The protest was directed by the party's general secretary and MP, Abhishek Banerjee.