FamilyMart Deploys Cleaning Robots to Address Labor Shortage

FamilyMart Deploys Cleaning Robots to Address Labor Shortage

FamilyMart Co., a renowned convenience store chain, has announced the deployment of its newly developed cleaning robots in 300 of its outlets by the end of February. This move aims to address the growing labor shortage and provide a solution to the tedious task of floor mopping for clerks.

These multifunctional robots, standing at 108 centimeters in height and 39 centimeters in width, are equipped with a variety of features to enhance their cleaning capabilities. In addition to their sweeping and mopping functions, they also possess racks for displaying merchandise and a screen for advertising.

With their impressive efficiency, these robots can clean the entire floor of an outlet within an hour, matching or even surpassing the performance of a human worker. The robots' ability to navigate around obstacles and automatically stop upon any sudden contact ensures the safety of customers and store shelves.

FamilyMart collaborated with Tokyo-based startup Iwith Robotics Co. to develop these multifunctional machines. The company's managing executive officer, Tsuneo Murai, emphasized the robot's design, which prioritizes safety and prevents collisions with obstacles.