Hazmat Warning Issued After Perth Factory Fire

Hazmat Warning Issued After Perth Factory Fire

A fire erupted in a warehouse storing agricultural supplies in Kwinana Beach, releasing potentially hazardous smoke. The blaze, which started in a conveyor belt carrying sulphur, prompted authorities to issue a hazmat warning for residents in over a dozen suburbs within the City of Kwinana.

Firefighters, both career and volunteer, battled the intense blaze in scorching conditions, reaching nearly 40 degrees Celsius while wearing protective gear. The smoke, containing sulphur dioxide, dissipated during the afternoon, but crews remained on site overnight to prevent any flare-ups.

Residents in the affected areas were advised to stay indoors, keep doors and windows closed, and turn off air conditioners to avoid smoke exposure. The wind pushed the smoke towards residential areas, raising concerns for over 40,000 residents.

Perth experienced another summer heatwave, with temperatures reaching 42.6 degrees Celsius. Earlier in the day, a separate bushfire burned dangerously close to homes in Spearwood, scorching bushland alongside a busy road. Aerial footage captured the extent of the devastation, with flames licking backyard fences.

Authorities urged residents to stay informed by visiting Emergency WA, calling DFES on 133 337, following DFES on Twitter, or tuning into ABC Local Radio for updates.