Palmer Resort Workers Win Compensation for Unfair Dismissals

Palmer Resort Workers Win Compensation for Unfair Dismissals

Three former employees of billionaire Clive Palmer's Queensland resort have been awarded compensation after the workplace tribunal found that they were unfairly dismissed. The workers were among 125 employees sacked in August 2018 amid accusations of fraud and theft.

Electrician Troy Peters and chief electrician Sean Fitzpatrick challenged their dismissals, arguing that they were not given a fair reason or process. The tribunal agreed with their claims, finding that their terminations were "sham processes" and "harsh and unjust."

Peters was sacked for refusing to carry out duties as directed, but the tribunal found that he did not refuse any work. Fitzpatrick was accused of refusing to work the new rostered hours, but the tribunal found that he had been told to leave the site and was later accused of serious misconduct without being given a proper investigation.

Accountant Jennifer Roberts also challenged her dismissal, claiming that she was unfairly accused of petty cash fraud. The tribunal agreed, finding that her termination was "harsh, unjust, and unreasonable."

The tribunal awarded Peters $12,516 in compensation for his unfair dismissal. The other two employees' compensation amounts have not been disclosed.

Work continues at the resort, which is expected to open later this year.