ECP Acknowledges Irregularities, Refutes Rigging Claims

ECP Acknowledges Irregularities, Refutes Rigging Claims

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has addressed allegations of rigging in the February 8 general elections, acknowledging the occurrence of some irregularities. The ECP emphasized that these irregularities were limited and that relevant forms had been made available for investigation.

Despite the irregularities, the ECP asserted that the polling was conducted peacefully and in an organized manner, despite encountering challenges. The commission highlighted the smooth completion of elections as a significant accomplishment.

The ECP clarified the delay in election results, citing the temporary suspension of mobile services on February 8. The commission explained that the suspension impacted the electronic data transmission process by presiding officers. Consequently, the first result of the 2024 elections was received at 2 am, later than the 4 am receipt of results in the 2018 elections.

The ECP emphasized that the delay in results affected multiple constituencies but did not benefit or harm any particular political party. The polling process involved 265 seats for the National Assembly and 590 seats for provincial assemblies, with Independent candidates emerging as the leading force in many constituencies.