Sea Level Rise and Rising Rents in Miami

Sea Level Rise and Rising Rents in Miami

Miami is facing the repercussions of rising sea levels, leading property investors to shift their attention away from low-lying beach areas toward inland neighborhoods. One such neighborhood is Little Haiti, which is facing increasing rents that are forcing the majority black population out of their homes. The gentrification threat looms over the area, putting pressure on residents to find affordable housing.

Renita Holmes, a housing campaigner in Little Haiti, is dedicated to fighting against the effects of gentrification and rising rents to ensure a more sustainable future for her community. She emphasizes the beauty of the neighborhood and the selling of the tropical lifestyle by developers, who are pushing residents out of their homes as they build up the area.

Renita Holmes, who has been recognized on the BBC 100 Women list this year, is actively engaged in building a more resilient future for Little Haiti. Her efforts reflect the pressing issue of rising rents and gentrification in the neighborhood, as well as the wider impact of sea level rise in Miami's coastal areas.